Dancexplosion Liverpool - May 30 2015

The ADDC Competition Company attended their final regional competition at Dancexplosion Liverpool! We had a fantastic time with lots personal best performances for all of our routines! We are so excited to gear up for nationals and take Wildwood NJ by storm! Here is how we fared this weekend!


Xtreme Xcalibur Winners 

Phases of the Moon!!!! 



Judges Special Awards 

Broadway Bound Award - Gabi Patterson
Slick With It Award - "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"
Total Control Award - "We Don't Eat"
The It Factor Award - Grace Pinkowski

Petite Rising Star Overall Solos

1st Place - Zerahia Courtney - "Hound Dog"
2nd Place - Khenzington Setrella - "Them There Eyes"
3rd Place - Gabi Patterson - "Ring Them Bells"

Petite Rising Star Overall Duos

2nd Place - "Polka Dot Bikini"
3rd Place - "Woman Be Wise"

Junior Xcelerated Overall Solos

1st Place - Gabby Anagnostopoulos - "Americano"
3rd Place - Allison Anagnostopoulos - "I'm A Woman"
6th Place - Lauren Milewski - "Glitter In The Air"

Teen Xcelerated Overall Solos 

1st Place - Jennah Ferrari - "Pearls"
4th Place - Ally Dubois - "Mercury"

Teen Xcelerated Overall Duos

1st Place - "Back to the River"
2nd Place - "Black and Gold"

Little Xtreme Overall Solos

1st Place and Little Miss Dancexplosion - Jessica Doty - "Glamorous Life"
2nd Place - Jillian Coppernoll - "Straighten Up and Fly Right"

Junior Xtreme Overall Solos

8th Place - Libby Patterson - "Over the Wall"

Junior Xtreme Male Overall Solos

1st Place and Junior Mr Dancexplosion - Jasen Wagner - "Uptown Funk"

Junior Xtreme Overall Duo

5th Place - Aint No Sunshine

Junior Xtreme Overall Small Group

1st Place - Phases of the Moon
7th Place - Jubel

Teen Xtreme Overall Solo

5th Place - Shannon Bucher - "Wicked Game"

Teen Xtreme Overall Duo

1st Place - We Don't Eat
2nd Place - Black Swan
4th Place - Head of Medusa

Teen Xtreme Overall Small Group

1st Place - Depths of Eden 
3rd Place - Marathon

Senior Xtreme Overall Senior Solo 

8th Place - Grace Pinkowski - "The Perfect Lie"

Senior Xtreme Overall Duo

2nd Place - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air