Dancexplosion! (Watertown NY)





The ADDC Competition Company attended Dancexplosion regionals in Watertown NY through the weekend of March 6-8! The competition was huge, hosting two stages with almost 900 routines competing! ADDC walked away with some of the top honors of the weekend! We are so incredibly proud of everyone who competed with such professionalism, artistry, and excitement! Here is the rundown of how we did!

12 And Under XTreme (advanced)  Xcalibur Award Winners!!!


                                                                 Awake My Soul

                                                                 Awake My Soul

12 and Under Xcelerated (intermediate) Xcalubur Award!!



                                                             The Road Not Taken

                                                             The Road Not Taken

12 and Under Xtreme Choreographer of the Year: Jolene Indolfi for Awake My Soul

12 and Under Xcelerated Choreographer of the Year: Mikey Perkins for The Road Not Taken

Overall Excellence in Lyrical and Contemporary Technique awarded to ADDC

Judges Awards:

"Legs for Days" - Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Jennah Ferrari

"Excellent Musicality" - Read All About It - Alyssa Forte

"Elegance Award" - Vienna - Alssa Forte

"Great Concept and Costume" - Phases of the Moon 

"Seemless Performance" - We Don't Eat - Alyssa Forte and Isabelle Borell

"Captivating Performance" - Dead Flowers - Sophia Recuparo

"Excellence in Concept and Choreography" - Depths of Eden 

"Star Quality" - Evil Gal - Delaney Connelly

"Miss Sassafras Award" - I'm a Woman" - Allison Anagnostopoulos

"Picturesque" - No Time - Isabelle Borell and Libby Patterson

"Future Stars" - Fly Me To The Moon

"Picture Perfect" - Dead In The Water

"Perfect Combination of Chaos and Cleanliness" - Wall Street

"Captivating Creation" - Depths of Eden


Overall Rising Star Awards 

Petite Solo:
7th Place - Them There Eyes - Khenzington Setrella

Junior Solo:
6th Place - I'm A Woman - Allison Anangnostopoulos

Junior Duo/Trio:
9th Place - Woman Be Wise - Allison Anagnostopoulos and Gabi Patterson

Overall  Xcelerated Awards:

Petite Small Group:
1st Place - Fly Me To The Moon
2nd Place - My Favorite Things

Petite Large Groups:
2nd Place - Naughty

Junior Small Groups:
1st Place - The Road Not Taken
3rd Place - Dead In the Water
4th Place - Quiet Darkness

Junior Large Groups:
2nd Place - Wall Street
6th Place - Bey-ology

Petite Solo:
3rd Place - Glamorous Life - Jessica Doty

Junior Solo: 
1st Place - Dead Flowers - Sophia Recuparo
4th Place - Feeling of Being - Gabby Anagnostopoulos
7th Place - 14 G - Lauren Milewski

Teen Solo
3rd place - Pearls - Jennah Ferrari
6th place - Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Jennah Ferrari
8th place - Coming Home - Ally Dubois

Teen Duo/Trio
3rd place - Back to the River - Jennah Ferrari and Ally Dubois
4th place - Black and Gold - Nikki Meaker, Amber Lathrop, and Kyra Hanus


Overall Xtreme Awards:

Petite Small Group:
1st Place -  Vulie

Petite Solo:
1st Place and Little Miss Dancexplosion - Evil Gal - Delaney Connelly
5th Place - Straighten Up and Fly Right - Jillian Coppernoll

Junior Small Group:
1st Place - Awake My Soul
3rd Place - Phases of the Moon
4th Place - Jubel

Junior Solo:
1st Place and Junior Miss Dancexplosion - Neglected Space - Isabelle Borell
3rd Place - Over the Wall - Libby Patterson

Junior Duo/Trio:
1st Place - No Time - Libby Patterson and Isabelle Borell
2nd Place - Lemonade - Libby Patterson and Isabelle Borell
3rd Place - Ain't No Sunshine - Sophia Recuparo and Shannon Bucher

Teen Small Group:
3rd Place - Marathon
4th Place - Depths of Eden
5th Place - Shot Me Down
6th Place - Coven

Teen Solo:
6th Place - Wicked Game - Shannon Bucher

Teen Duo/Trio
2nd Place - We Don't Eat - Alyssa Forte and Isabelle Borell

Senior Solo:
8th Place - Vienna - Alyssa Forte