Legacy Nationals - 2014

July 19 through July 22, 2014 Artistic Designs Dance Company attended Legacy Dance Championship's National Finals in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Here are the results:

Competitive Mini Solos:

  • 4th Place: Jillian Coppernoll "Abracadabra"
  • 2nd runner up  National Mini Miss Legacy Jillian Coppernoll

Competitive Mini Duet/Trios:

  • 4th Place: Jillian Coppernoll & Gabi Patterson "Everybody Needs a Best Friend"

Intermediate Petite Solos:

  • 9th Place: Lauren Milewski "Miss Marmelstein"
  • 8th Place: Allison Anagnostopoulos "If No One Will Listen"

Intermediate Petite Duet/Trios:

  • 4th Place: Lauren Milewski/Sophia Recuparo/Kyra Hanus "You've Got Time"

Intermediate Petite Small Groups:

  • 5th Place: "Full of Grace"
  • 8th Place: "Corner"
  • 9th Place:  "Clowns"

Showdown of the Legends Selection:

  • "Full of Grace"

Advanced Junior Solos:

  • 2nd Runner up National Junior Miss Legacy: Isabelle Borell
  • 4th Place: Isabelle Borell "The Mermaid Whispers"
  • 5th Place: Libby Patterson "Goodbye Song"

Legacy Convention Scholarship Winners:

  • Isabelle Borell
  • Libby Patterson

Judges Choice Awards Winners: 

  • Legs and Feet award: Jennah Ferrari
  • Costume and Concept Award: Isabelle Borell
  • Effortless Balance: Libby Patterson

Advanced Junior Small Groups:

  • 4th Place: "Prisoner of Hope"
  • 8th Place: "Mister Sandman"

Judges Choice Award Winner Amazing Prop Work:

  • "Prisoner of Hope"

Showdown of the Legends Selection:

  • "Prisoner of Hope"

Intermediate Junior Solos:

  • 4th Place: Sophia Recuparo "Someday's"


We are so proud of all of your hard work and dedication ladies!  You did an amazing job at your first ever National competition.  We can't wait to see what next year holds for all of you!